Rust Prevention Metal Finishes:

Arctic Kote- considered the ultimate in firearm protection. The finish withstood the US Navy Seal Teams 500hr. Salt spray tests and still met the machine gun firing requirements with no damage or rust. As tested and used by US Military units and the Navy Seal teams. Will last many years with minimal care. In most cases never requires refinishing.

Cerakote- Cerakote represents the latest technology in ceramic coatings. It maintains excellent bond strength even after exposure to extreme high temperatures. It provides unparalleled levels of hardness and abrasion resistance due to the unique two component system. The answer to holster wear on handguns. This is the state of the art in rust proof finishes! Finish is available in matte. Colors include black, gray or green.

Bluing: We offer a Two Polished and a non-glare Matte Finish. Combinations of polishes and matt finishes are available for that custom contrast look.

Metal Works: Full service machine shop Offers include Re-barelling, Cutting and crowning, Chambering and alterations, Custom sights and mounts, Screw in shotgun chokers

Custom Rifles

Custom Rifles We offer all services necessary to build the custom rifle of your dreams. We offer rifles from Varmineters to Safari. We will build to your specifications.

Wood Work: Broken or cracked stocks, Refinishing, Checkering, Full line of custom stocks.

Accurizing: We offer the following services to help you put that bullet on target every time! Glass bedding Pillar bedding Barrel floating Target crowning Load development. Antique

Restoration: We offer the services to help you restore Grandpa’s gun to the splendor that it had in his youth. We also specialize in finding those hard to find parts! Recoil Reduction

Porting: A break is machined in the last 1 ½” of your barrel. All work is custom tailored to your rifle with or without iron site. Accuracy is not physically affected, velocity loss of 30-50 FPS.

Muzzle Breaks (Both Blued and Stainless) The “muzzle break” is a removable device, threaded to your barrel. No velocity loss but far more expensive, same recoil reduction as porting. (Bluing may not match barrel)

  • Porting of non-front sight barrel of 30-60 based cartridge and smaller
  • Screw on breaks are used by Arctic Gunworks. This device has the same internal expansion chamber as used when barrels are ported. This custom feature is not offered by commercial breaks.
  • Cross Section of ported barrel showing expansion chamber machined internally. This greatly increases the efficiency of the break.

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