Gun Modification & Restoration in North Pole, AK

Artic Gunworks offers gun restoration and gun modification services. We also offer the finest in custom-built rifles and gun stock. We can custom-build your ideal rifle.

We have developed our own line of cartridges: the Arctic Express line. Our line of gun cartridges was developed in conjunction with Dave Manson from Manson Precision Reamers in 2002. These gun cartridges are based on the .300 Winchester short magnum opened to .338, .375, and .416.

You can rest assured when you have your rifle custom-built in our store that we only use the finest materials.


The process of restoring guns and rifles requires a great deal of craftsmanship, knowledge, skill, patience, experience, and an eye for detail. When a gun is perfectly restored to its former glory, it offers you a glance into the past. It also allows you to preserve important pieces of history along with cherished memories.

We offer exceptional quality restoration at affordable prices. We are committed to honoring the original gun makers by returning the gun to its original condition.

If your gun is past its prime and you would like to give it new life again, trust the professionals at Artic Gunworks to take care of your prized possession and breathe new life into it again. We specialize in restoration services for a wide range of guns and rifles, including vintage guns and rifles.

At Artic Gunworks we have a passion for bringing vintage pieces back to life. We will perform wood refinishing and custom wood replacement on your vintage piece, reline the bore on your rifle, perform case coloring, and do gun metal refinishing on your gun or rifle. Contact us with any restoration queries you may have and allow us to restore your antique gun or rifle for future generations to enjoy.

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We have the tools, equipment, and skills to perform any upgrades and conversions as per your request. We are also able to offer you expert advice and recommendations on upgrades and conversions.

We also specialize in finding those hard-to-find gun parts for colonial and antique guns, pistols, and rifles. Artic Gunworks is the preferred gun shop when it comes to restorations.

Please feel free to contact us directly at (907) 452-4438 for any of your custom rifle needs.
We are available to discuss your options.

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